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Are my deposit accounts FDIC insured?
Yes! Every individual customer is insured by the FDIC1.
For more information please contact our Customer Service Center at (800) 535-2269, or stop by your local branch.

1FDIC Insurance does not apply to safe deposit boxes or certain investment products.

How can I access my account information by phone?
Telephone Banking gives you access to account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone. Just call (800) 535-2269 or (212) 967-7425 for calls from outside the United States.

NYCB Online

What is NYCB Online?
NYCB Online is our Online Banking Service. A quick, convenient and easy way to manage your finances virtually from anywhere at any time.

What can I do with NYCB Online?
You can view account balances, transfer money*, check your transaction history, pay bills*, view spending trends - basically anything you can do at your bank branch - but there's much more. Check out our Online Banking Section or contact us and see how you can personalize your banking experience with NYCB Online.

*Limitations may apply.

What accounts will I be able to access with NYCB Online?
Checking, Savings, CDs, IRA's and Loan accounts can all be accessed via NYCB Online. It's a tool that gives you as much access, versatility and security as possible.

What are the technical requirements to use NYCB Online?
To access NYCB Online, we recommend utilizing updated versions of commonly utilized browsers, such as Chrome®, Firefox®, Internet Explorer® or Safari®. You can use any computer or device that has Internet access.

Can I create my own password?
Yes. During the initial login, a prompt will appear to create a new password. The password can also be changed at any time by visiting the Account Services tab.

What happens if I forget my password?
If you forgot your password, click the Need Help Logging In link located underneath the login.

Can I renew my CD online or do I have to go into a branch?
Yes! You can renew your CD online by visiting the Online Banking section and selecting Renew Your CD Online.

What is the difference between my current and available balance?
Your current balance reflects transactions that have posted to your account, but will not reflect holds and may not yet reflect pending transactions. Your available balance will include funds on hold or pending debit transactions.

What is External Transfer?
The External Transfer service* provides you with the ability to transfer funds to and from your NYCB accounts and your accounts with other financial institutions.

*Fees and Limitations may apply.

What is Personal Money Manager?
Personal Money Manager is a budgeting tool where you can categorize your transactions and view your spending trends. Login to NYCB Online and visit the Spending tab to manage your categories.

Can I set up account alerts online?
Yes. Login to NYCB Online and select the Alerts tab. You can set up various Transaction, Balance, and Security alerts.

Bill Payment

Is it difficult to register for bill payment?
Actually, it couldn't be easier! Once your online banking profile is established, click on the Pay Bills Tab to enroll. Only checking accounts and money market accounts that offer check writing can be used for bill payments.

†There may be transactional limitations on money market accounts. Please see your account disclosure for more information.

Who can I pay with the bill payment system?
You can NYCB Online's bill payment service to pay anyone in the United States you would normally pay using checks. This includes charge accounts, auto loans, professionals, utilities and many other categories. However, tax payments and court directed payments cannot be processed with the bill payment system.

Can I use bill payment when I'm out of the country?
Yes! Bill payment is an excellent way to make sure your bills are being paid while you're traveling. All you need is access to a secure Internet browser, and you can pay bills from anywhere.

What happens if I pay my bills on the weekend or on a holiday?
You can set up your payments anytime, but like regular banking, these payments will not be processed until the first business day after a weekend or holiday.

Can I schedule recurring payments?
Yes. You can schedule your payments to best suit your lifestyle. Payments can be set up on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Can I cancel a pending bill payment?
You can cancel any payment that has not started processing. After you cancel a payment, its status changes to Cancelled and it is not processed. Canceled payments appear in the Recent Payments section of the Payment Center.

Note: If you cancel a payment that is part of an automatic payment schedule, only the selected payment is canceled. You do not cancel any future payments in the payment schedule. To cancel all payments in an automatic payment schedule, go to Manage My Bills and delete the automatic payment.

What are Bill Payment Reminders?
Bill Payment Reminders is a helpful tool to assist you with managing your bills.

How do I set up Bill Payment Reminders?
Login to NYCB Online and visit the Pay Bills tab. Click on the Set Up Reminders link located in the Bill Reminders section of the page.

What are e-Bills?
An electronic bill, called an e-bill, is a bill that you can view and pay online at the Payment Center. It typically contains the same information as a paper bill or statement.

How do e-Bills work with NYCB Online Bill Pay?
e-Bills are available from hundreds of companies nationwide. When you add a company that can send e-Bills, a Get Bills icon appears next to the biller name in the Pay Bills section of the Payment Center. Click the icon to go to the Add an e-Bill page. Enter the information that your biller requires to set up e-Bill service, and we send your request to the biller.

Send Money

What is Popmoney®?
Popmoney is a service that allows you to send or receive money securely to any individual with an email address or mobile phone number.

How does Popmoney work?
After registering, you create a contact list using the person's mobile number, email address, and or bank account information. Once a contact is created, you are able to send them a personalized message with the amount of money you are sending or requesting. The recipient receives that information and instructions on how to have it deposited into their account. If you send money using the other person's bank account information, it will deposit it directly into their account and alert them that it has been deposited.

How is Popmoney different from other payment services?
You can send and request money electronically to/from friends and family without account information.

Is Popmoney available outside of the United States?
No, currently Popmoney is only available for use between registered users residing within the United States.

How does a person accept a payment through Popmoney?
The recipient will have ten days to provide Eligible Transaction Account information, if they have not done so already. If they exceed the ten day limit, the funds will be returned to the sender and the recipient will have to request another transfer.

Popmoney is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc., of its affiliates. Terms and conditions apply.

Paperless Documents

How do I enroll for Paperless?
Login to NYCB Online and select the e-Documents tab to enroll for Paperless.

What documents will I receive paperless?
You will receive account statements, tax documents, account notices and customer notices electronically.

When will my e-Statements be available online?
Your e-Statements begin to accumulate after you complete the Paperless Enrollment with each statement cycle.

Will my e-Statement look the same as my regular printed statement?
Yes and it will contain all the information that you received in your paper statements. For legal purposes, a printed version of an e-Statement is the same as a paper statement mailed via U.S. Mail.

How much does it cost to receive e-Statements online?
It's free to receive and view e-Statements online. You will receive an email reminder each time a new e-Statement is available.

How can I view or get a copy of my e-Statements?
Login to NYCB Online and select the e-Statements sub tab under the e-Documents tab.



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